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You can expect simplicity coded into every transaction with Swappa powering the exchange. From ultra-secure pivots from BTC to ETH, to the fastest exchanges for BTC to XMR, our Bitcoin Litecoin atomic swap opens up the possibilities when it comes to flawless, fast, and reliable coin swaps. Our privacy-first exchange is founded on anonymity, and allows you to convert Bitcoin into Ethereum and beyond without ever storing your coins and tokens on our platform. With layers of encryption protecting every exchange, you’ll benefit from enhanced security, guaranteed accuracy on the latest rates, and have access to hundreds of coins through our versatile currency exchange.

Your privacy is our number one priority at Swappa. With our streamlined Bitcoin Litecoin atomic swap, you’ll have untapped access to our Bitcoin to Monero converter, can easily swap Bitcoin for Ethereum, and can even exchange BTC to XRP and other alt coins. We’re constantly updating our relevant exchange base and hope to become your go-to source whenever you’re hoping to access a Bitcoin converter that is updated with the latest coins, backed by consistent server speeds, and will always remain decentralized for a verified transaction that is professionally secured through our state-of-the-art encryption services.

Exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, & More

Mainstream Bitcoin swaps are primarily designed to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum and other popular coins. We’re all about diversity at Swappa, and are on a mission to become the most reliable platform for supporting innovative crypto exchanges. We can help you change BTC to XVG, BTC to XRP, and of course, we handle the major exchanges like changing Bitcoin to Litecoin.

Available Bitcoin Swaps

BTC to ETH (Bitcoin to Ethereum)

BTC to LTC (Bitcoin to Litecoin)

BTC to XRP (Bitcoin to Ripple)

BTC to ADA (Bitcoin to Cardano)

BTC to XVG (Bitcoin to Verge)

& More...

Swap Bitcoin for Ethereum With Confidence

If you manage a diversified portfolio, easily compare the different exchange rates on our platform for up-to-the-second rates. Along with the useful bitcoin converter calculator we provide for free, we’ve simplified the exchange process from start to finish. At Swappa, you’ll never have to create an account or deal with multiple exchanges to find the coins you’re searching for. Other benefits of using our Bitcoin swap as your go-to source for secure Bitcoin transfers include:

  • Change BTC to ETH With 100% Anonymity & Privacy
  • Swap Bitcoin for Ripple & Other Trending Coins With Easy to Follow Steps
  • We Offer Non-custodial Decentralization; Convert Bitcoin Into Ethereum Without Ever Storing Your Assets on Our Servers
  • Use Our Bitcoin to Monero Converter or Convert BTC to XLM to Compare the Best Exchange Rates
  • With Exchange Options Like BTC to ADA, BTC to XMR, BTC to XRP, and Hundreds of Other Coins Available, We Are the Only Atomic Exchange You’ll Ever Need Again...

Change BTC to ETH In a Few Simple Steps

Transactions like BTC to ETH and BTC to LTC have easily been accomplished thanks to the latest atomic swap technology. If you’ve never tried to convert Bitcoin to Ether or other coins, our step-by-step process features an organized format that anyone can follow. Whether you want to swap Bitcoin for Ripple, exchange BTC to XMR, or convert BTC to XLM, you can easily get started by selecting the coins to exchange, accurate amounts, and the recipient/refund address.

After you submit the request to swap Ethereum for Bitcoin, our user-friendly platform will walk you through the rest. Only you and the recipient will have access to the requested funds through the “virtual lockbox”, and if the transaction does not complete within the pre-established timeline, your funds will immediately be returned to your digital wallet. Once again, while using our BTC to Cardano converter or changing your BTC to LTC, your assets are never exposed to a centralized server or accessible by any third parties.

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When you convert Bitcoin to Ether or any other coin on our platform, start small and test out our reliability and security for yourself. We know how important it is to find a secure exchange that provides the multi-layered protection you need and hopes that after you change Bitcoin to Litecoin or any other coin on our platform, we’ll be the only exchange you need when certified reliability and anonymity are the priority.